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Next Generation Green Hydrogen Production
Green Hydrogen Production

with our Unique, Patent-Pending

with our Unique,
Patent-Pending Technology


Caplyzer is a leading provider of clean energy solutions based on our groundbreaking electrolyzer technology. Our team of experts has extensive experience in the field of energy production and is dedicated to providing innovative and sustainable solutions that can help protect the environment.

Our Approach

At Caplyzer, we believe that technology can play a crucial role in addressing this challenge. Our innovative electrolyzer technology can provide a clean and sustainable solution for energy and resource production. By using our technology, industries can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and decrease their reliance on fossil fuels.


High Efficiency

Up to 90% efficiency due to decoupling of OER and HER

Dynamic Response

Easy to integrate with renewable energy or intermittent energy sources

Simple Design

Membrane-free stack design with use of earth-abundant materials

Improved Safety

Decoupled gas production reduces the risk of hazardous mixtures

Super Capacitive Electrolyzer

Caplyzer is the world’s first electrolyzers that operate like a
capacitor, simplifying the design at industrial scales

Outstanding innovation in design does not only provide an advantage in terms of cell construction but also successfully addresses the major dilemma of decoupled-water electrolysis. Through our patent-pending technology that works as an electrolyzer-capacitor(thus the name Caplyzer) we have developed this technology for green h2 production.

Made in Sweden the water electrolysis unit consisting of an electrolyzer stack and the electronics necessary to control the operation at desired conditions. The absence of any potential mixing of the gases lead to safer production of highly pure hydrogen or oxygen.


Our electrolyzer technology has diverse applications across several industries.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make Green Hydrogen production simple and cost effective

Joydeep Dutta
Prof. Joydeep Dutta has been involved in research and development of capacitive deionization technology since 2006
Esteban Toledo Carrillo
Esteban is a Materials Engineer with three years of experience in the maintenance sector.

The technology was developed at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and CAPLYZER was founded in 2021 by Prof. Joydeep Dutta and Esteban Toledo Carrillo supported by the team at functional materials Group with 30+ years experience in design and operation of innovative electrochemical devices as well as entrepreneurial experience.

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